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Joe Biden fart

Joe Biden stunned the climate talks by long fart.

As the word leaders gathered to talk about climate change,suddenly along and loud fart stunned the leaders. It happened when Joe Biden was speaking with Camilla Parker bowles, the Duchess of Carnwall . It was a long Loud that no one could to ignore it. It cat Camilla Parker Bowles off guard so much so […]

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Pfizer pill

The Pfizer experimental pill reduces risk of hospitalization, death from Covid-19

Drug maker Pfizer said Friday they have designed experimental pill to fight Corona-virus reduced the risk of hospitalization and death for high-risk patients taking part in a trial of the drug. The specialists of the company hopes it can eventually offer the pill, given in combination with an older antiviral drug called Ritonavir, to people […]

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Facebook to Meta

Facebook stops its facial recognition software

Facebook said on Tuesday it plans to shut down its facial recognition software which could recognize photos and videos of people posted on Facebook automatically. after the late ignominy of Facebook company its officials decided to change the name of this social network. and announced plans to stop the facial recognition software. some Facebook users […]

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